Corn Maze Poem


The “Corn Maze Poem” is about the transition between summer and fall and the tradition that many children experience of visiting a corn maze as a part of fall or Halloween celebrations. Inspired by a local orchard and corn maze in Maine, this poem reminds us of important traditions that mark the beginnings and endings of seasons.


This poem provides a great opportunity to discuss the change in seasons from summer to fall. What is that like for children? What are their favorite and least favorite things about fall? It also provides an opportunity to discuss fall traditions, such as corn mazes, fairs, and Halloween.


  • Read this poem as an introduction to fall activities. Then, research fall activities in the area. Arrange a field trip to a local corn maze or pumpkin patch in your area.
  • Have children draw pictures of their favorite fall activities and share with the class or group.
  • Use this poem as inspiration for a class fall party complete with pumpkin carving and apple bobbing. Students can use blocks or other items to build original mazes.

Further Study:

Use this poem as an opportunity to explore summer to fall traditions around the world in different cultures. Have students write and draw about their favorite traditions they learned about.

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