I Wish It Would Snow


“I Wish It Would Snow” is a classic complaint poem about a child who is greatly disappointed that the winter has not brought any snow to play in. The child complains about being bored without snow yet is not willing to entertain other things to do.

illustration of boy at window


As climate change becomes more apparent in the U.S., many children will be able to identify with this poem. Winters without snow are becoming more common, even in areas where there used to be quite a bit of snow. In the New England area, for example, our snows are coming later. A snow-filled holiday season in Maine is no longer a guaranty.

So children who are accustomed to a wide variety of snow-related winter activities are having to adjust. For children who live in these areas where climate change is clearly impacting the weather, it would be great to ask them how they feel and if they can identify with the narrator in the poem. What winter activities do they participate in? What winter activities do they wish they could do more of?


  • Have children draw a picture and write a short poem about their favorite winter activities.
  • Have children write a letter to their local weather channel asking to learn more about the weather patterns for winter (or other seasons) in your area.
  • As a group, make a poster advertising fun winter activities that children can participate in, even when there is no snow.

Further Study:

As a class or a group, research climate change and what is happening in the world. In addition to looking at changes in patterns in the U.S., help children learn about the polar ice melt and the impact this will have on our planet.

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