My Snowman


“My Snowman” is a poem that will make both children and adults smile, as the narrator of the poem sets out to build the best snowman but runs into trouble finding the right materials. Thinking creatively, the narrator is able to find all the pieces necessary to build a snowman–and then some.


This poem provides a wonderful opportunity for children to think creatively about times they had to “make do” and what that felt like. Of course, in winter, a great discussion topic would be to have children share their own experiences building snowmen and the kinds of materials they were able to use. Teachers and parents could ask questions about the most creative items children ever found for their snowmen or just their favorite snowmen experiences in general. For children who live in warmer climates and have never built a snowmen, teachers and parents could explore that and find creative ways to build snowmen without snow.


  • As a class or in small groups, build a class snowman without snow with materials like foam, painted pumpkins, stones, or clay. Teachers and parents can research the web for creative examples. Let children engage in the snowman decorating.
  • Read the poem out loud without showing children the image in the book. Have children draw a snowman that looks like what they hear about in the poem. In the end, compare snowmen. This is a great way to explore creativity and test for comprehension of the poem.
  • After reading the poem again to the class, have students draw their own creative snowmen. Share each child’s snowmen in a class display.

Further Study:

As a class, help students learn about the history of snowmen and their cultural significance. During the winter season, teachers and parents can share a variety of snowmen stories with children. Have students write their own snowman story at the end of a series on snowmen.

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