The Biggest Slide


“The Biggest Slide” is, at its core, about children overcoming their fears. In this case, the child narrator in the poem is nervous about climbing a tall slide, but once the child begins taking steps, the task seems possible. In the end, there is the joy of success as well as the joy of sliding down a tall slide as the narrator celebrates success.


This poem provides a great opportunity for important discussion about overcoming fears and facing difficult tasks. Teachers could follow the poem by having students share about a time they were worried or afraid and faced their fears. They might also talk about a time when they weren’t able to overcome their fears and how that felt.


  • Have students draw a picture about something that makes them worried and then draw a picture of themselves conquering the fear or worry.
  • Ask students to write a letter about a time they felt brave. The letter should be addressed to someone who is worried or afraid.

Further Study:

Teachers and parents might use this poem as an opportunity to study some important figures in history who had to overcome obstacles and be brave in order to find success.

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