Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky Support

Because poetry is such an important part of a child’s education, Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky and Other Poems is a great work to share with students. With its focus on children’s perspectives, it provides students and teachers with excellent opportunity for discussion of poetic convention and themes important to children.

Research shows that poetry is so important to our brains, yet most American adults report negative experiences with poetry. In fact, 9 out of 10 adults say they don’t like poetry. Why is this? Most people surveyed indicated they had some bad experiences with poetry or that they never learned that poetry could be fun.

With children’s works, we have the opportunity to help children get off to a good start with poetry, something that will enrich their entire lives. With topics ranging from eccentric chickens to creative snowmen to a sleepy moon, Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky is a work that can help children get started in the right direction when it comes to a love of poetry.

Additionally, studying poetry in the classroom meets Common Core Standards established for elementary school children. This work can help students meet outcomes established in Literacy Standards 1.1-1.10, 2.1-2.10, and 3.1-3.10.

Click on the title of each poem below to be taken to specific discussion and activity ideas for that poem.

The First Robin of Spring

The Biggest Slide

The Unwanted Itch Hiker

Marie’s Garden

Two Garden Gnomes

Flutterbys and Flutterby Nights

The Hound Upon the Hill

The Black Chicken Named Poe

Corn Maze Poem

The Dark Cellar Door

Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky

Bullaby Bill

I Wish It Would Snow

My Old Cat

My Snowman

Winter Leaf

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