Blue Moose Publishing Company is an independent publishing company started by husband and wife team, Ron and Crystal Sands. Ron is a dad, writer, and homesteader, and Crystal is a mom, writing professor, and lover of chickens.

The idea for a publishing company began many years ago. Ron was a writer, and Crystal was a writing teacher. We dreamed of doing things like publishing our own books, starting a journal, and finding a way to use our experiences to publish our own works and help other writers get started.

The idea for Blue Moose, however, would come a few years later. We were sitting in a chain restaurant in Bangor, Maine while our youngest son, then just about five years old, colored a blue moose on the back of the children’s menu. He chose blue because only three crayons came with the children’s menu. Ron said, “That’s the name of our publishing company,” and so it would be.

That moment nearly four years ago would give us the push we needed. Ron grew more devoted to his writing, and Crystal began the necessary research.

In October 2016, Crystal purchased the domain for Blue Moose Publishing, and three days later, at a Harry Potter book party, a woman gave her a Tarot card reading. The woman said, “You need to finish what you just started.”

After the 2016 election, it was difficult for us to know whether or not we should continue with our plan to start Blue Moose. The future of our country seemed so uncertain, but in the weeks and months that followed the election, we learned there were more people like us out there–more than we thought.

So we continued our work with more devotion in the hope of bringing Blue Moose to life, with the goal of bringing quality but fun children’s literature to children and thoughtful adult works to adult readers.

We hope you enjoy our books and visit us often as we work to grow Blue Moose Publishing into a thriving independent publishing company.