Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky and Other Poems

About the Book

From poems about a grumpy gnome to an eccentric chicken, embark on a poetic journey into the four seasons in this illustrated collection of children’s poems by poet R. James Sands. Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky and Other Poems invites readers and their parents inside a whimsical world where the moon can’t sleep, a cricket plays violin, and the snowmen are the most creative in the neighborhood.

Illustrated by the author’s seven-year-old son, this collection is certain to capture the imaginations of young readers by inviting them into a world where children’s perspectives are the most valued.


About the Author and Illustrator

R. James Sands and Ronan J. Sands are a father and son creative team living on a small homestead in Maine with three dogs, two cats, 23 chickens, and 19 fish. This is their first book together.




What People Are Saying

“The poems are beautifully written with whimsical voice and lovely rhyming pattern that kids will adore.” ~ Housewife Plus

“These funny poems go through all 4 seasons and really give you a feel for the creativity and humor Maine produces. These poems are wonderfully written, and the pictures fit the poems so well. You will read Why the Moon Tumbled Out of the Sky over and over again with laughter, smiles, and many touching moments.” ~The Happy Homeschooling Mom

“I think it is the best book ever. I really like names of all of the poems, and I really like the pictures…Thank you for writing all of those poems. They are really, really fun.” ~ Lily Rebecca, Age 8

Educational Support

Click here to visit the educator support page, which offers discussion and activity ideas for each poem in the collection. This page is ideal for educators and parents looking for ways to engage children in poetry-related activities.

Order Your Signed Copy

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